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When you work with Schubert b2b, you work with our A-Team. Side-by-side with the top minds in the agency. From day one, that means more expertise, deeper insights and better results for you.

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Our A-Team approach makes you the preferred brand, delivers more qualified leads and starts more sales conversations. It’s collaborative. It’s creative. But most of all, it’s effective.

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Schubert b2b was originally founded, and exists today, for one purpose only – to provide exceptional B2B marketing communications for companies like yours. We’re a focused, boutique agency. A tight, nimble team of top marketing minds. Creative. Strategic. Savvy.

Our A-Team is crazy good. We have to be. Top-tier B2B marketing ideas cannot be mass-produced. They're tailor-made. Carefully crafted. Sparked by marketing imagination and based on strategy. That is how we deliver the remarkable support you need to outperform your competitors.

A-Team Insights

(Marketing Imagination)

Chris Henneghan
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Chris Henneghan, Brand Strategist


Christopher Raymond
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Christopher Raymond, Web Experience Director

User Experience

Rich Carango
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Rich Carango, President

Who we are

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Joe Fedele, Art Director

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Glen Pratt
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Glen Pratt, Director of Digital & SEO Marketing

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When we work together, count on us to be ALL IN. Committed to the partnership with you. Fixated on winning marketing success for you. Immersed in your markets, your products, your culture.


  • Integrated Programs
    We create integrated b2b marketing programs that keep your brand at the top of your market’s mind. Because they won’t buy from you if they don’t know you, trust you and – most importantly – understand how your product or service helps solve their problems. It isn’t enough that we get it. Our job is to make sure that your prospects get it.
  • Branding & Positioning
    We help you define the true value of your brand. How are you different? Why do customers buy from you? How are you uniquely capable of solving their problems? By developing a compelling claim of distinction – and delivering evidence that makes it credible – we translate your brand into a communications strategy that will influence buyer choice in your favor.
  • Website Development
    We create B2B websites on a proven, lead-generation methodology. Our web development process is based on a user-centered focus and a lean development process. This means each and every decision about interface design and navigation strategy is measured against the wants and needs of your key personas and business goals.
  • Digital Marketing
    Digital advertising is the best way to maximize your return on investment because it enables a high percent of attribution for each lead – which ad and source it came from so that we can scale the programs that resonate best with prospects. Whether on LinkedIn, Google Ads, or Demandbase we have the experience and processes in place to convert your ad dollars.
  • Content Marketing
    The path to B2B marketing success is clear – create valuable content that your personas want and then make sure they find it. That’s how you build connections, demonstrate expertise, provide value and ultimately convert prospects into customers. We provide the total package you need to define, create and distribute the right content.

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We work best with companies that are ready to make big things happen. If you’re looking to really move the needle, let’s talk.

We’ve applied our A-Team approach to help companies of all sizes. From up-and-coming tech start-ups to billion-dollar global leaders. We believe you want to get more leads. We believe you want to out-market your competition. We believe that you want customers to love your brand. We can make that happen.

Engaged Clients Wanted

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