Meet Our People

Big ideas never come from small thinking, that’s why the mindset is so important. We work in a world of big ideas. Creative solutions. Marketing imagination. Check out the people that make it all happen – the Schubert b2b A-Team.
Rich Carango


Every symphony needs a conductor. For us, that’s Rich. He works with our people – and our clients – to blend strategy, messaging, creative and data into integrated B2B marketing programs that work.

Debbie MacKenzie

VP of Operations

We’ve got a lot of right-brained folks at the agency. So, thankfully, we have Deb’s left-sided brain to keep order! She guides operations. Manages schedules and budgets. And keeps everyone aligned.

Chris Henneghan

Brand Strategist

Chris thinks about B2B brands more than anyone else you know. She analyzes how they are positioned. Makes the messaging meaningful. And develops strategies to connect those brands with buyers.

Christopher Raymond

Director of Web Experience

You could call Chris a web guru. But don’t. That’s passé. He prefers web experience maestro. His role is to ensure your website provides the best possible user experience. Converting visitors into leads.

Joe Fedele

Art Director

Without Joe, your brand would be just words in a plan. He gives it life. Sets it free. Creates a visual expression that makes it real. Exciting. Memorable. And trustworthy – with every piece we create.

Lisa Goetz

PR Account Executive

Lisa’s job is to make you a thought leader. Her main tools are public relations and social media. She also writes much of our client content – from e-books to infographics and everything in between.

Jenn Wagner

Proofreader & Copy Editor

Jenn lives in a world of absolutes. She knows what’s right and what’s wrong, so her proofreading keeps us on track. She knows each client’s style, so her editing makes sure we deliver what they want.

Glen Pratt

Director of Digital & SEO Marketing

Glen always has his nose in the data. Because that’s where he finds the answers to tweak your audience. Adjust the creative. And set the right bid strategy to make your digital ad program a success.

Sarah Vince

Account Manager & Content Specialist

Sarah works hard to keep clients happy. That’s sacred ground for us. She manages relationships, coordinates projects, and works with the team to create content that fuels lead-generation programs.

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