The Role of B2B Outbound Marketing

B2B Outbound Marketing is No Longer Effective… 

If you’ve been listening to some of the marketing automation software vendors, you might draw that conclusion. The hype is, “Out with the old: OUTBOUND”, and “In with the new: INBOUND”. There’s only one problem; that’s not the B2B reality today.  

If you were to listen to a typical sales pitch, you would hear inbound touted as being more effective because it is passive by definition, non-threatening, and not “salesy.” We ask, “Since when was being SALESY (going on offense) a bad idea in B2B?” B2B companies live off proactive sales…and these sales are supported by foresighted B2B outbound marketing.

So, what has been putting so many other B2B marketers off track? The confusion seems to stem from equating “inbound and outbound marketing” with “online and offline marketing.” That’s like comparing marketing apples and oranges. There is offline/online outbound marketing and offline/online inbound marketing. Both exist, and they should be used in tandem to bolster your marketing efforts.

Let’s look at some marketing facts.

David Ogilvy said it best. “If an advertisement doesn’t sell, it’s worthless advertising.” B2B outbound marketing sells. Outbound makes the best case for your B2B brand. In some ways, it sets you apart from…no, sets you above your competitors. This is your story. You’re paying to broadcast it. Make it the best it can be.

The point is, the media channels you use might be online, offline or even mobile. But when you’re telling your brand message 100% your way, whether through video, on social media, or in print —  it’s B2B outbound marketing.

Integrating inbound and outbound marketing seamlessly puts your brand on marketing steroids. Take trade show marketing for example. Here’s where a B2B company can really make an impact. You will want to use all your digital channels to announce your participation and stir up interest. That story has to be integral to your show strategy and booth activities. It’s dog-eat-dog on the show floor. Companies have to compete to gain attention and in many cases, close sales at the show.

The notion that B2B outbound marketing is no longer effective in 2017 is incorrect. Without a doubt, it’s still a capable tool for marketers, and can be both online and offline. B2B outbound marketing should be part of your marketing strategy, providing proactive and sales generating support.

All marketing tactics should be thought of as part of a larger whole, rather than separate pieces. By strategically integrating all tactics, the programs become more effective and cost efficient. An Integrated marketing communication plan helps you meet real business objectives – generate leads, grow revenues, gain market share, and become the leading brand.