B2B Social Media Best Practices for Trade Shows

When promoting a company’s trade show attendance, most B2B social media marketers know that it’s best practice to include the event’s Twitter handle and hashtag in a post to ensure it gets seen by the right people. But the messaging for each post depends on what the specific marketing goals are. Is it registration, booth visits, presentation attendees?

Registration may be a goal if you are promoting several months ahead. But as the show approaches, the focus is usually on driving people to the presentations and the booth. Here’s a simple checklist that highlights B2B social media best practices for posting before, during, and after trade shows:


  • Promote your booth number and what you’re exhibiting.
  • Tweet presentation titles and key info and which days they are happening.
  • Include a link to the show schedule or to a relevant company web page.
  • Tweet directly to key editors to remind them that you will be at the show and invite them to stop by to discuss what’s new.


  • Tweet specific presentation times and locations several hours before they start.
  • Remind attendees of booth number and about any product showcases, demos, giveaways, or contests that your company has.
  • Post pictures of the booth, products, giveaways, staff, and visitors. Make it seem like the place to be!


  • Thank booth visitors and include a link to a relevant web page or “contact us” page so people can get more info about what your company was exhibiting.
  • Post more pictures! This is fun, visual content that attendees and media can continue to share days after the show.
  • Post full or partial presentations to a slide or video hosting site like SlideShare or YouTube. Tweet the link. Include an optional (or required) form fill within the presentation for lead generation purposes.

Follow these B2B social media best practices for trade shows and you’ll likely see an increase in engagement both online and on the exhibit floor.

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