Do you have good business karma? (Part 1 of 2)

el-yoga1Statistics show that two practices continue to increase in popularity—yoga and social networking. That got me thinking, are the two related somehow? I do both, and so do many other business people.

The word “yoga” means to “unite” or “connect. Ancient yoga teachings say that all people are parts of one “truth” and that we have an innate need to join with that truth to achieve inner peace. Hasn’t today’s fragile economy shown that businesses are also inter-connected and that each healthy business contributes to industry growth and overall economic health? Can we really turn off that innate need to share with the world at large when we enter the office? Might tapping into this “truth” improve our business success?

The popularity of social networking seems to show that people are driven to connect and be a part of something larger than themselves, their company, and even their industry. One might argue that this drive is present at home and at work and influences all our actions. Why else would busy executives and hard-working employees take the time to share their insights with total strangers when they have nothing to gain?

Another yoga teaching emphasizes simplifying—letting go of unnecessary desires to still the mind and bring focus on that which is most important. Successful businesses today are those that have a specific market niche, particularly business-to-business marketers. They find their unique selling proposition and focus all their efforts on it, outsourcing those things that are not their core competency. This brings “clarity” and leads to business growth.

Also, just as yoga teachings stress ethical behavior, today’s business people are chatting more and more online about their desire to do their job with integrity and honesty. They understand their corporate responsibility. New Age Business? Zen Marketing? More and more corporate blogs report the advantage of embracing that “practice.” (To be continued…)

Chris HenneghanChris is one of Schubert’s longest-standing employees, starting with the agency in 1987. She now serves as Senior Vice President and Brand Strategist. Chris is a Notre Dame grad and enjoys tennis, golf, hiking and reading.

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