How To Find B2B Leads With LinkedIn

Did you know that 89% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation? And 62% say that the platform generates over 2 times more leads than the next-highest social channel. Of course, all these numbers sound impressive, but you won’t be able to use the platform to promote your business if you don’t know exactly how to find B2B leads with LinkedIn.

The good news is that anyone can turn the platform into a lead-generating machine. Just make sure to optimize your LinkedIn profile, join relevant groups, and use the advanced search option. You can also take advantage of LinkedIn Ads and the Sales Navigator if you have the budget.

Are you trying to generate quality B2B leads but struggling to get the job done? Do you feel like all of your lead generation tactics have been exhausted and you’re at a dead end?

If so, there is hope: LinkedIn can be an invaluable tool for businesses looking to source new business leads. With the right approach and understanding of how best to use it, leveraging the power of LinkedIn can open up a wealth of possibilities when searching for potential customers.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some key strategies that will help any B2B marketer make the most out of using the platform for lead generation. Let’s get started!

Set Up and Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Worried about maxing out the potential of your LinkedIn profile? Look no further. Whether you’re just getting started with this professional networking platform or have been an expert for years, how to find b2b leads with LinkedIn has never been easier.

Make Sure Your Profile Is Selling You

  • You should look both professional and friendly in your profile photo. If you’re yet to take such a picture, put on the same face you would make if you were actually meeting the person for the first time.
  • Your headline should include your specialty. If you want to go the extra mile, include a CTA. Just make sure to use your industry’s SEO keywords, so that people will get to see you in the search ranking.
  • Ensure that your employees have perfect profiles as well.
  • Post content and engage regularly. Share your own stories, add feature sections to landing pages that the visitors of your page might find to be helpful, and ask for various recommendations on your page to engage people in a conversation. Just make sure that you’re not too ‘salesy’.

Join Groups Relevant to Your Industry & Make Connections

Look for questions on forums that you can answer and naturally include your company’s name when describing the solution. You can also find people commenting on relevant posts and try connecting with them directly.

Create Your Own Group

If you’re ready to invest more time and effort into this project, then don’t just join groups. One of the most effective ways for how to find b2b leads with LinkedIn is to create your own group and invite hundreds of potential leads.

When setting up the group’s title, follow this formula ‘What topic the group will be covering + who it will be serving’. For example, “online marketing for SaaS.”

If you need to focus on a certain geographic area, include the city’s name or the region in the title.

To keep the group alive, you would have to generate and post helpful content on a regular basis. Try to engage the audience as much as you can through polls and open-end questions.

Use LinkedIn Advanced Search

LinkedIn Advanced Search is a useful tool that enables you to locate specific professionals, companies, job opportunities, and other information on the platform.

You can refine your searches by applying different filters, including location, industry, skills, and experience to narrow down results. Whether you’re a recruiter, sales professional, job seeker, or researcher, the tool empowers you to effortlessly find targeted results and relevant industry-related content.

Best of all, LinkedIn Advanced Search simplifies reaching out to potential B2B leads directly. To find the people you’re looking for, you would simply have to:

  • Click on the LinkedIn search bar.
  • Choose ‘all filters’.
  • Apply any relevant filters. You can search for companies, but a company is never a lead – a person is. So, you might want to target ‘people’ and then select other fields like ‘location’, ‘industry’, and ‘title’.
  • Make sure to target the decision-makers. In large companies, it’s rarely the CEO. You would want to look for the HR director, marketing director, or sales director.
  • When connecting with the people from the search results, don’t pitch them. Instead, try to engage the expert and add value to the individual’s pain points. Here is an example of a connection-request template that will help you initiate a conversation:“Hey, (First Name)! I enjoy connecting with forward-thinking specialists in (the name of your industry) to exchange our expertise. I think we can be of value to each other. Looking forward to connecting directly!”.

Automate Your Search with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is a deep sales platform that features a powerful set of search capabilities, personalized algorithms, and improved visibility into extended networks.

In a nutshell, it does everything that you can do manually, but faster and a bit better. The platform has advanced searching tools and is able to save promising leads the minute they appear.

The Sales Navigator is a premium product, but there is a free trial.

How To Find B2B Leads With LinkedIn: Take Advantage of LinkedIn Ads

Ads on the platform garner a 33% increase in purchase intent for brands. If you have the budget, advertisements are definitely a great way to generate much-needed leads. But do bear in mind that you would have to properly set up your profile in any case.

The average cost-per-click on LinkedIn is around $5.39. You’ll get to choose from such ad types as sponsored content, lead gen forms, text and dynamic ads, and sponsored messaging.

Final Thoughts: How To Find B2B Leads With LinkedIn

When answering the question “how to find B2B leads with LinkedIn,” there are several effective strategies that can be employed to maximize your success.

Fact is, LinkedIn is hands down one of the best platforms to find B2B leads if you have managed to develop the right marketing strategy. Though you can invest a part of your budget into finding potential leads through LinkedIn Ads and the platform’s Sales Navigator, that is not necessary.

The best part about LinkedIn is that you’ll be able to find relevant leads even by simply optimizing your profile and becoming an active member of the community.

Finally, follow up with leads and keep track of valuable responses or opinions already acquired. Utilizing all these strategies should open pathways to successful lead acquisition and generation!

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