B2B Messaging: Does Your Content Need to Be Innovative?

We’ve all had it. The desire to make something, but when it comes down to creating it, it’s like there’s a concrete wall standing in the way. An idea, but perhaps not the words to say it. Maybe even not an idea at all.

It’s the scourge of modern marketers—whether you’re a digital marketing agency in Philadelphia or a B2B tech marketer trying to bolster your company’s B2B messaging (either with or without a B2B agency).

Writer’s Block

You may need to contribute to your company’s blog or write an eBook, but nothing’s coming to you. Usually, it masquerades as, “I can’t think of anything,” or, “I’m not that good of a writer anyway.”

I could go through strategies of overcoming writer’s block, such as brainstorming or going for a walk (that’s what Beethoven used to do after all), but we’ll save that for another blog. It’s more valuable to get to the heart of what’s causing the writer’s block.

I would say there are two main causes for writer’s block.

  1. Your idea isn’t 100% fleshed out.
  2. You’re expecting your content to innovate.

With #1, I would sit down and think about your purpose. Why are you writing? Who are you writing for? There are plenty of ideas already in your head or online. You may just need to make your thinking a bit more free and less inhibited. This problem resolves with time and reflection. If not, consider using a B2B agency or a digital marketing agency in Philadelphia. With a trained staff of writers, you’re likely to get some new angles for content.

For #2, you’re probably saying, “Well, of course, my content needs to innovate! Why else would someone read it? Why is expecting a good thing a bad thing?”

You Can’t Force Innovation

I would argue that it isn’t that simple. However, you can make something that fulfills a genuine need. Many great inventions are made, not with the idea of making something “new and different,” but rather something useful and needed—something better than what exists currently.

By placing expectations on your B2B digital marketing content, you may cripple your creativity. On the flip side, you do need to make sure your content is satisfying to your audience and woven with good B2B messaging.

You may know I’m an active musician (or maybe you just learned), and so I sometimes do research online about recording techniques. I found one site that had an eBook about recording best practices.

When I got it, it was a two-page bulleted list. Needless to say, I felt cheated.

Why is that?

Because the content was disappointing. The eBook, though free, failed to deliver what it said. It didn’t need to innovate; it just needed to tell me what I came to learn—and it struggled to do that.

Strive for Creative and Authentic B2B Messaging

If your digital marketing content is authentic and fulfills a genuine need, it will serve its ultimate purpose, which is to inform and help. If your B2B content is made hastily to get leads, it will fall short. Are you focusing on innovation? You’ll likely end up with writer’s block—wanting to make something impressive—rather than what your readers need.

My advice to you, reader, is to strive more for creativity and authenticity in your content. The innovation will follow, and the writer’s block will melt away.

Another tip I learned from music: “Don’t be afraid to write for the trashcan.” Don’t be afraid to write and see where it takes you. It may turn out great. If not, throw it out and start over again in a different direction—make a 180. Genuine content is what is going to connect most with your buyers.

All marketing tactics should be thought of as part of a larger whole, rather than separate pieces. By strategically integrating all marketing tactics, the marketing programs become more effective and cost efficient. As a B2B agency, we developed B2B 360 Integrated Digital Marketing to meet this improved performance need. To learn more about B2B 360 and how it will benefit your business, download our free eBook: B2B Top-Tier Tech Marketing.

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