B2B Marketing Communications Explained (With Donuts)

Charles Caleb Colton, an English writer in the early 1800s, said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It is in Colton’s spirit that we use donuts to explain the many facets of B2B marketing communications.

Derived from Doug Ray’s “Social Media Explained” photo which he shared on Twitter earlier this year, we put together a B2B marketing version. We hope you find our explanations as entertaining (and insightful) as the original intended. Many thanks to Doug for the inspiration!

B2B Marketing Communication Explained

  • Advertising: We make the world’s best donuts.
  • Sales Collateral: I’ll just leave this brochure of our donuts.
  • Media Relations: “Pastry Weekly” featured our donuts.
  • Website: Click here to see more donuts.
  • Social Media: I started a donut group on LinkedIn.
  • Content Marketing: This white paper explains donuts.
  • Lead Generation: Enter your email to download our donut white paper.
  • Speaking Engagements: Using this PowerPoint, I will look at changing donut technology.
  • Thought Leadership: Donuts are not just pastries!
  • Trade Shows: Hi! Are you familiar with our donuts?





995_kateKate Smith is a graphic designer at Schubert b2b. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Design from Kutztown University. When not in the office, she enjoys snowboarding, eating cauliflower, and staying up to the wee hours of the morning playing Destiny.