Schubert b2b Builds Responsive, Intuitive Global Website for GSE Systems Inc.

Schubert b2b built a new website for GSE Systems (, a leading provider of simulation, engineering and training technology. The site provides quick and easy access to information about GSE’s wide selection of technology and services for power, refining and manufacturing facilities. It simplifies how GSE’s customers research and select the tools and services needed to improve the performance of their workforce and plant. features the new “Performance Improvement Blog,” which provides ongoing insights from GSE experts. The blog makes GSE’s site a hub of valuable information. It also improves SEO so new prospects can more easily discover the website through search engines. It is GSE Systems’ first fully responsive website, meaning it adapts and displays properly on all smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Additionally, the site features a new “downloads” page that offers videos, presentations, white papers, and other educational content. A redesigned homepage menu categorizes information based on the needs of GSE’s key buyer personas. This intuitive navigation helps users focus on quickly discovering the technology and services most relevant to their needs.

“Two important technology features of this site are global accessibility and Pardot integration,” said Christopher Raymond, VP of Interactive at Schubert b2b. “Using a content delivery network, we were able to create a site that performs just as fast across the globe as it does here in the US. The integration with Pardot marketing automation ensures that all web visitors are properly tracked and nurtured to support lead generation.”

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