Schubert b2b Designs Tomark-Worthen Website to Market Sustainable Solar Panel Backsheets

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Tomark-Worthen, a developer of environmentally friendly, high-performance PV backsheets and thermoplastic films, selected Schubert b2b to design a new website to market its PhotoMark Reflections™, PhotoMark eTPU™, PhotoMark elonomer™ and Kymar PVDF Topsheet product lines.

Tomark-Worthen came to Schubert b2b because they needed a website to reach both solar panel design engineers and purchasing agents. The new site,, communicates the company’s unique technology that produces high-quality, cost-effective solar panel backsheets without damaging the environment.

Tomark-Worthen’s PhotoMark Reflections PV backsheets are based on a proprietary polyamide alloy that will not deteriorate with exposure to UV light or moisture. They are environmentally safe because production doesn’t require solvents and adhesives, so they are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). There is zero waste in production, and the backsheets are 100% recyclable. In addition, they are produced using a single co-extrusion process, which eliminates multiple manufacturing steps, saving money and production time.

“It’s important that our website educates visitors about our unique sustainable technology and how it performs better than traditional products on the market today,” said Dave Santoleri, president of Tomark-Worthen.

Schubert b2b conducted industry research to determine Tomark-Worthen’s core customer personas, then defined the expectations of key users, identified the kind of information they search for and mapped out their buyer journey. Schubert b2b used parallax scrolling to create a dynamic design and layout to better engage and educate visitors on the value of Tomark-Worthen’s technology and benefits of its environmentally sustainable products.

The site uses responsive design to provide a seamless experience for visitors using mobile devices. Starting with low-fidelity HTML prototypes, Schubert b2b worked with Tomark-Worthen to create the site’s structure and navigation strategy. From there, Schubert b2b built out the design, created powerful graphics and developed written content. Visitors can engage the site in English and Chinese. Schubert b2b also designed a new corporate logo that reflects the company’s combined expertise in solar PV panel technology.

About Tomark-Worthen

Tomark-Worthen LLC was formed in 2012 when Worthen Industries, manufacturer of specialty adhesives, coatings, coated products and thermoplastic extrusion, and PV film developer Tomark combined their expertise to provide durable, environmentally sustainable solar panel PV backsheets. PhotoMark Reflections™ backsheets are manufactured in Worthen’s Nashua, New Hampshire facility using a cost-effective single, co-extrusion process. Tomark-Worthen also manufactures PhotoMark eTPU™ and PhotoMark elonomer™ thermoplastic encapsulants and Kymar PVDF topsheets for the PV market. For more information, visit

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