Schubert b2b Forms Marketing Automation Team

Schubert b2b, a digital B2B marketing agency, has formed a marketing automation team to strengthen lead generation performance for B2B clients. The Schubert b2b team will create and execute strategic email and web tracking campaigns using the latest marketing automation software tools from companies like Pardot, Marketo, eTrigue and Hubspot.

“Many B2B companies are coming to realize the potential of adding marketing automation to their lead generation toolkit,” said Rich Carango, president of Schubert b2b. “It really steps up inbound marketing campaigns by enabling faster response, providing valuable prospect info and delivering useful data on how people are engaging with your website and content.”

The Schubert b2b team will provide strategic guidance, content development and campaign data evaluation for Schubert’s clients, as well as create custom designs for campaign materials.

Marketing automation software offers a range of automation and analytic tools that perform user-specified tasks and automate repetitive functions, which increases efficiency and helps create more sales-ready leads.

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Schubert b2b Schubert b2b is Philadelphia’s B2B digital marketing agency that unites the lead-generating power of inbound marketing with the brand-building power of outbound marketing. Schubert b2b develops 100% strategic business-to-business marketing programs that generate leads and grow revenue. For 40 years, Schubert has been creating B2B brand leaders in technology-rich industries as diverse as biotech, chemicals and computer software using integrated marketing communications (IMC) programs. Schubert is a member of ICOM, a global network of marketing communications agencies.

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