Schubert b2b Launches Campaign to Introduce Simulation Training Tools Into Latin American Market

Schubert b2b, a digital B2B marketing agency, provided marketing expertise and services to help GSE Systems launch its EnVision simulation training software into the Latin American oil and gas market. GSE targeted Latin American refineries and petrochemical processing facilities because they currently lack skilled workers and can immediately benefit from these training programs.

Envision_ScreenshotCampaign Features

The cross-cultural, multi-channel campaign focused on educating training managers and program directors at Latin American refineries and technical colleges on the benefits of simulation training technology. The strategy successfully generated 241 qualified leads in less than three months.

The educational campaign featured a 60-minute webinar and a white paper that focused on the region’s labor challenges and highlighted the software’s unique ability to provide specific tools for each step of the learning process – from entry to expert. Schubert created targeted email blasts to promote the webinar, and built a microsite to serve as the central hub of the campaign. Research indicated that the majority of the Latin American population prefers to learn in Spanish and from someone of their same culture. For this reason, Schubert recommended using a Spanish-speaking presenter for the webinar and providing all campaign elements in both Spanish and English.

The campaign generated 241 form fills in less than three months. Many invitees registered for the webinar and also requested the white paper. By taking a strategic, educational approach, Schubert b2b effectively extended GSE’s thought leadership into a new, wider market with a demand for its simulation training tools.


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