How to Use Funny B2B Content to Set You Apart From the Competition

I came across an article about funny company posts and spotted this Facebook post by Intel. Check out the picture below.

How did you react? Did it grab your attention? You most likely chuckled, right? Heck, I laughed and thought it was pretty darned brilliant! Now you won’t forget this image and that Intel was the one that posted it, will you?Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 9.28.26 AM.png

Imagery can be effective. It can show your brand in a different light – especially when using humor in B2B marketing. Something so simple and practically free can set you apart from the competition.

Everyone knows that Intel makes processors for computers. So rather than be ho-hum “yawn” and keep posting, blogging and re-branding what everyone already knows, this is where Intel got smart and used humor.

This photo and four-word caption quickly establishes a connection with people and, in time, quite a bit of response to the imagery. The data speaks for itself – 105,191 likes, 3,415 comments, and 35,952 views!

But, coming up with the idea is where the hard work starts. For Intel to come up with this concept, you can bet that there were many brains at work at Intel (or their B2B marketing agency). Brainstorming sessions are extremely helpful when you’re trying to bring many minds into the mix to help throw out ideas for concepts and content. From there, you can begin to create your concepts. Figure out what type of imagery will best convey your thoughts, what story to tell in your next B2B blog, etc.

Using Humor in B2B

One type of humor that most people relate to is self-depreciating humor (the opposite of bragging about how great you are)…that can make you (or your company) likable. Storytelling humor can help establish you as an expert because you’re sharing your perspective and insights.

The trick is to try to be interesting, NOT funny. If you’re not naturally funny, then find those who are. There are some people out there who can be very witty with what they say and have excellent delivery on how it’s said. They tend to be quirky and lovable. Everyone knows a person like this. They’re all around us! They always have a short story that you can relate to. What’s funnier than taking a relatable situation and turning it into something that most people will find hilarious?

Humorous Brains

If you know of employees who have this talent, they may just be the brains and writers that you need to humanize your brand and content. Humor can be just what you need to stand out and be authentic – and to get people’s attention. In B2B, you’ll want to use that method to redirect attention away from your competition and towards your camp.

Utilizing their ideas in photo imagery is just one way to do this quickly. Video may come to mind when thinking about adding humor into your marketing. But there are a variety of formats you can use, including social posts, landing pages, thank you pages, B2B blogs, calls-to-action, emails, speaking engagements, etc.

Do you have any funny content to share? We’d love to see it!

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