Is Your Website “B2B Mobile”?

I know it’s hard to believe, but there are STILL thousands of websites out there that are not built with the mobile user in mind.

I was recently on vacation and often used my cell phone to look up standard information about the places that we wanted to visit, what to see in the area, activities to check out, etc. However, I was just gobsmacked at how many sites were NOT mobile-friendly. They were either difficult to view on my phone, or the site took too long to load. These are big problems with websites today. Users may not have the patience to stay on your website if it is “glitchy.”

In the B2B world, this is not a good feeling to give potential customers if they’re trying to learn about your company. Frustrated, they will simply swipe off of your site and onto the next one. A lost opportunity.

As a B2B advertising agency, we see this website neglect all the time. The big question? Why haven’t they updated their site to be B2B mobile? Their answer — it’s not because of a lack of money; it’s a lack of time. Today, it can take companies forever to coordinate their internal approval processes for smaller projects. The thought of updating a major website can be daunting, so it gets put on the back burner. Big mistake.

Neglecting your website puts your competitors ahead of your company. Chances are their websites are mobile-friendly, content relevant, SEO optimized and probably taking away your business. This should be a priority and a major contributor for all of your lead generation efforts as well.

Think about it — for the cost of a yearly salary of a salesperson, you could have a website that generates sales opportunities equivalent to multiple salespeople. How great would that be to get real leads from real people who want to do business with you? Whenever they want? It’s a no-brainer.

Please. Do yourself a favor. A website redesign or a facelift is better than an outdated site. And it can be done with the information you already have on your existing site. It can be transferred to a CMS platform where your content can be easily updated by anyone you choose. During that time, the site can be updated for SEO compatibility and speed-checked, so your company catches up with your competition.

We are a full-service B2B advertising agency that can handle all those details to give you peace of mind — so you can focus on what you do best in your company. Let us help you. Contact us now for a free consult for your website.

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991_Debbie MackenzieDebbie MacKenzie is a 1991 graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) where she majored in graphic arts production management. Deb cut her professional teeth managing production and customer relations at major printing companies before coming to Schubert b2b 14 years ago. Debbie’s a versatile big hitter overseeing all things financial and operational.