Your Tech is WOW. Your Marketing Should Be, Too.

Your company just spent countless hours perfecting its latest piece of technology. From initial concept to final product testing, your team has taken every step to ensure it works properly and meets your customers’ needs. Your technology may even have advantages that your competitors don’t offer, and it’s time to take it to market.

But not just any old marketing strategy will do. Your technology is new. It’s bold. It’s inventive. You want a marketing strategy that reflects all of these things. Your messaging should inspire the same “WOW” reaction that you expect your customers to have when they first experience your technology.

As Philadelphia’s tech marketing agency, we’ve learned a few ways to “kick ‘em right in the WOW.” Here are some things to keep in mind:

Make it Personal

Like your technology, a successful marketing plan is personalized for your customers’ needs. Just like your products help solve their problems and make their jobs easier, your marketing messaging needs to make their task of selecting new technology solutions easier. This is where personas come in handy (check out this blog post for more insight on personas).

If your company has identified key markets and personas, then it’s important to create unique messaging that personally addresses each of these audiences. Blanketing your entire audience with one message is not just impersonal….it’s boring.

The key to a two-way personal conversation is to create messaging that clearly offers the prospect something of value. Regardless of what form this may come in—a video, tradeshow collateral, white paper, a lunch meeting—it must identify the prospect’s problem and offer a reasonable solution. If you make it clear that the conversation is about them and their needs, not just about your new product, they will be much happier to listen to what you have to say.

Sweet Emotion

You trust and believe in the quality of your product. A marketing campaign should provide the same sense of comfort and security to your current and prospective customers. Emotions play such a large role in the B2B buying process. Make sure your marketing inspires confidence in your company.

Unlike daily consumer transactions, B2B purchases are a really big deal. Think buying a new pair of shoes, or even a new car, is a difficult decision? Sure, your significant other may not be thrilled at your choice. But, if plant manager Steve at ABC Power Co. purchases the wrong piping component, there could be a potential failure, leading to employee injuries and major loss of product and profit. With such high stakes, it makes sense why so much time and research goes into a B2B purchase.

It’s our job as B2B marketers to combat these negative buying emotions using effective messaging. We should expect prospects to be a little nervous and unsure about purchasing a new technology solution or another major piece of equipment. However, being aware of these feelings puts marketers in an offensive position. We are now able to address the emotions head on and inspire confidence, hopefully making someone’s difficult decision much easier.

Take a look at these examples of effective marketing campaigns.