How to Handle Negative (Genuine and Fake) Customer Reviews

B2B PR covers more than press releases and articles; it is about maintaining a favorable image for your company through your ongoing interactions with the media and public. That includes online reviews. Hopefully, most of your reviews are good, but since the invention of the internet, negative reviews come with the territory.

And even in B2B, online reviews carry a lot of weight. People will generally trust other people more than a corporation, so a negative review can really do some damage to your sales. They could be genuine reviews from customers who’ve had a bad experience or even fake reviewers who just get a kick out of it. But in either case, the part that matters the most is how you handle each situation.

Fake Reviews

If your business is successful, you’re unfortunately prone for someone to leave a fake negative review. Whether it is an actual attack or they accidentally mistook your business for another company, it can be fixed.

Many review platforms allow you to report a review that is false and has malicious intent. So, if you believe the review is fake, act quickly by reporting it and be prepared as they may ask for verification or additional information. The whole process could take a few days and, depending on the review platform, there is a chance your claim might get denied. In the meantime, see below and address the issue as if it was genuine.

Genuine Reviews

You goofed up. It happens, but the way you respond can turn a bad situation into good B2B PR. Just like a fake review, it is important to handle it quickly, but calmly and in a professional manner. Take responsibility for the mistake that occurred and address their concerns. You can even thank them for bringing them to your attention. Empathy goes a long way, so be authentic and personal when you are remedying the problem. Also, try to take it offline. Leave a sincere exchange that the public can see, but look to solve the situation offline or in a private thread.

Taking ownership of the mistake and looking to reconcile is always the right move. It humanizes a company. Taking pride in your business and genuinely wanting to do good work is something people remember. That might even be better than a standard positive review.

If someone leaves a negative review, don’t ignore it. Even the best B2B companies are bound to slip up eventually. Mess-ups happen, but you should not take them lightly. Online reviews can mean the difference between someone making a purchase or going to a competitor. Using your B2B PR skills to respond respectfully and professionally can go a long way.

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