Tech Talk and the B2B Marketing Master Translator

We’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best analysts, engineers, chemists and developers in the technology sector. Their solutions are innovative, and they are all well-versed experts in their fields. They know the specs of their high-tech products down to the smallest details.

But stepping outside of their company’s walls and convincing prospects that their products are just what they need is a bit more challenging. It’s not easy to do for those entrenched in their technical point of view. If this sounds familiar to your tech company, you might consider an outside B2B tech marketing perspective. Someone who gets what you do, but thinks like your customers – a master translator.

Beyond the Specs

A B2B marketing master translator goes beyond the technical specs and makes the message clear for all customers – converting technology speak to buyer speak. Customers want to understand – immediately – that your company can help them. They want to know that your products and services are the right solution in the first few minutes of visiting your website. In their initial research, they aren’t looking to digest all of your knowledge. It’s the master translator’s job to describe complex technical details as benefits that your customers need right now to solve their problems. When you capture the buyer’s interest immediately, they won’t have to look elsewhere. With this clarity, you can engage buyers early in the process, make them comfortable with your company, and lead them to your offerings that will make their jobs easier.

Building the Marketing Bridge

Building the marketing bridge that connects technology developers and customers takes someone who understands the engineer but talks like the end user. A successful marketing master translator understands your complex products and services, yet can speak to buyers at various levels of understanding using words that are common to their industry. In other words, they can translate insiders’ language into messaging that the non-expert can understand.

It’s a delicate balancing act. Simplifying doesn’t mean dumbing down your message. Even if technology isn’t their thing, your buyers are smart. People like clarity, but they bristle when they are being talked down to. You want to explain your complex tech solutions in a way that isn’t complicated. The master translator positions your company as a thought leader without having prospects struggle to understand those thoughts.

Master Translating and the Buying Cycle

The marketing master translator helps prospects find you, understand you throughout the buying cycle, purchase from you and return for more. This is the era of fast-decision marketing. Your buyers want to understand what you do immediately or else they are on to the next vendor.  A marketing master translator can take your specs and present them in a way that means something to the buyer.

Certainly, technical details are important, but a master translator knows that you don’t have to load them all into your marketing messaging. Don’t drown your audience in all of the heavy-duty specs right away. Give them a taste. Get them interested. Make them want to learn more. Describe how they can benefit from your solutions. Speak their language.

Lisa Goetz991_goetzphoto is a public relations executive at Schubert b2b, where she primarily writes content and manages media relations. She brings 20 years of editorial and communications experience to Schubert b2b and holds a PhD in English literature from Duquesne University. When not in the office, Lisa likes to take excursions with her husband and hang out with her cat and a good book.

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