Two Ways to Keep Your B2B Content Marketing From Becoming Gobbledygook

Marketing high-tech products and services can be tricky. The complex details that make your offering special may not easily translate into marketing materials. And if you leave this tall task in the wrong hands, your content marketing can unfortunately turn into incoherent, useless gobbledygook. 

Effective B2B content marketing turns your high-tech information into easily consumable, compelling messaging. Your prospects want to see your data sheets and technical documents, but not at the beginning of the buying process. There needs to be a softer entrance.

This is where content marketing has come into play. B2B content marketing has taken the lead role in nurturing prospects, turning them into leads, and getting them in a buying mode where they are ready to be contacted by the sales team. But the content in these marketing campaigns isn’t going to write itself. So commonly, an internal, technical person has to step outside of his or her role to write the marketing content, or the organization has to outsource this task.

Whether you tackle the writing in-house or partner with an agency, here are two things to avoid that can create problems for your B2B content marketing:

Technical Engineer Turned Marketer

I am sure there are talented people in technical and research roles that also possess outstanding marketing abilities. But in reality, if marketing is not a main part of their position, drafting content just adds to their already busy schedule. Your engineers and product developers are great assets and sources of information. But that does not mean they have the time or are the right group to create marketing materials.           

Great B2B content marketing bridges the gap between a data sheet and a marketing asset. The complex needs to be crafted into bold, yet simple messaging that informs, educates and stimulates buying action. Technical employees will favor a technical style of writing, but that’s not always the best style of messaging. It’s about knowing the audience and how they want to digest the information. The nitty-gritty information is important, but you need to begin with a clear message that prospects can quickly understand.

Hand-Holding an Agency

Another common mistake that occurs with content marketing is outsourcing to an agency that doesn’t understand your technology. It is crucial that your agency gets it. They need to have experience working with businesses like yours to truly understand your market and your offering.

Even the most beautiful messaging won’t generate leads if there isn’t any substance behind it. They might be able to pick up on a few buzzwords, but you will have to walk them through the entire content creation process. Constant corrections and back and forth results in missed deadlines, wasted money and ineffective marketing. 

Gobbledygook is more than just a funny word. Try to remember it when you’re creating your B2B content marketing. Does your content bridge the gap between high-tech data and marketing materials? Is it easily understandable? Is it informative, yet simple? This type of quality content positions your company as an industry thought leader, increases engagement and interaction with your brand, and generates more qualified leads.

For help, partner with an agency that understands your technology and can serve as a “master translator.” They should be able to turn even the most complex into simple and effective content.

All marketing tactics should be thought of as part of a larger whole, rather than separate pieces. By strategically integrating all marketing tactics, the marketing programs become more effective and cost efficient. As a B2B agency, we use integrated digital marketing to meet this improved performance need. To learn more about how it will benefit your business, download our free eBook: A Better Path for B2B Technology Marketers.

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