3 Ways To Use LinkedIn For B2B Marketing

Social media can be a great tool to generate leads and enhance your SEO and inbound marketing performance. In particular, studies have shown that B2B marketers generate more leads on LinkedIn than on any other social media platform.

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Here are 3 ways to turn your company’s LinkedIn profile into a revenue-generating, lead conversion tool.

Use Imagery That Grabs the Attention of Prospects

The image header is not just a place for your company logo. It’s a place for your company and products to jump out at consumers. Do you have a new product launch coming? Feature an exciting picture of the product announcing the date of the launch. Your header picture should make visitors want to explore your content and keep reading.

Make Your Company Description A Compelling Sales Pitch

The first two lines of your company description are extremely important. This is the text that LinkedIn will display on your profile before asking a visitor to click to “see more.” Don’t waste this opportunity to grab your customers’ attention. Make sure you provide more than a simple description of your business.

For example, which is more effective?

“Schubert b2b is a Downingtown, PA-based, B2B full-service marketing firm,”


“Schubert b2b develops 100% strategic B2B programs that generate leads and grow revenue.”

Clearly, including your target audience, value proposition and services makes a stronger impact and gives visitors a clearer picture of who you are and what you do.

Target Specific Groups to Share Remarkable Content

Lastly, the key to using LinkedIn for B2B marketing is targeting your content to the right people. Search for LinkedIn groups that your target audience might join.

For instance, if your business provides sales training to executives, you may want to join the “Sales Management Executives” group, which has over 248,000 members. Sharing content within that group allows you to target a large number of your ideal prospects and convert them into leads.

How are you using LinkedIn for B2B marketing? Share your tips in the comments below.

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