Tips to Create B2B Marketing Content That Engages Buyers

Creating an ongoing supply of B2B marketing content that’s informative, fresh and on-message is challenging. In fact, according to a recent Forrester Research webinar, B2B content often fails to connect with final decision makers because it’s more focused on style than substance. The webinar says that in order to engage buyers, content must be easy to consume, empathetic and interactive.

Here are our tips on how to do just that:

Easy to Consume

One of the complaints from the B2B consumers surveyed is that they receive too much useless material. As we’ve said before, regularly sharing content is a great idea—but only if it has a purpose. The key is to focus on quality over quantity.

In B2B marketing, especially when it targets a technical audience, it’s important that the content provides a solution to buyers’ challenges. If you’re creating content only for the sake of cranking out content, you’re wasting the customer’s time and your own. Effective B2B content turns high-tech information into useful, easily consumable and compelling pieces.

Regarding accessibility, we’re often asked if a B2B company should gate their content. The benefit of gating content is obtaining valuable contact information. But because non-gated content is open access, more people view and share it. Is the piece of content in question worth handing over information for? When in doubt, don’t gate the content.


According to the webinar, 79% of B2B buyers surveyed value “empathetic” content. We have long recognized that every B2B purchase decision comes down to people who have a need and decide to trust one company over another. They are real people trying to do their jobs as effectively and efficiently as possible. That’s why even in B2B marketing, effective brands should connect with people and build a bond.

We recommend creating customer personas, composite profiles of your buyers, for each of your key markets. Personas include job-related demographics, responsibilities, behavior patterns, motivations, challenges, goals and purchase considerations. And they provide insight into the buyers and what is important to them.


Interactive content helps B2B companies start a two-way business conversation and increase engagement with their brand. Thanks to digital marketing, you can open up the lines of communication between you and your customers and prospects.

Analyze the digital platforms your prospects and customers turn to for industry information. Then focus on sharing your content via the social media platforms, industry websites and trade news sites that matter most to your audience.

One way to increase your engagement is by leveraging user-generated content that’s been created and shared via social media by an unpaid contributor. For example, ask your followers or customers to post a photo of your product or service in action and share it using a unique hashtag in the post. When you share the posts in turn across your social media platforms, you showcase both your customers and your products.

Summing It Up

Developing and sharing effective B2B marketing content takes a lot of background work before you can start creating it. So, if your marketing plan is to generate as much content as possible and scatter it everywhere in every way possible, you risk missing or even alienating your target audience. If you need a hand, we can provide expert tips and create a B2B content marketing strategy that connects with your buyers.

In B2B tech marketing, tactics should be thought of as part of a larger whole, rather than separate pieces. By strategically integrating new and traditional marketing tactics, your marketing program become more effective and cost efficient. To learn more about how you can increase your lead generation and overall marketing, download our free eBook: Modern Integrated Digital Marketing—A Better Path for B2B Technology Marketers.